Sport in History Podcast 42 – Dr. Conor Curran

Irish soccer history this week with Conor Heffernan talking to Dr Conor Curran, who is Dublin City Council’s official football historian. Conor talks about his ground-breaking study of sport in Donegal which was publish as The Development of Sport in Donegal, 1880-1935 in 2015. He also talks about the oral histories he conducted when writing about the experience of Irish migrant footballers in the post-War years for his Irish Soccer Migrants: A Social and Cultural History, which was published in 2017.

Conor also talks about his work for Dublin Council and his role in preparing for the city’s hosting of the 2020 (now 2021) Men’s European Championships.

Dr Conor Curran is a social historian with a specialisation in sport. He is currently Dublin City Council Football Historian. In 2019, he completed an Irish Research Council Government of Ireland Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in the School of Education at Trinity College, Dublin where he undertook a study of the history of physical education in Ireland. He has also worked as a lecturer in Irish history at Dublin City University’s Open Education Unit and has taught sports history at the International Centre for Sports History and Culture at De Montfort University, Leicester and at the University of Giessen and University of Marburg. 

His Ph.D. thesis was published as The Development of Sport in Donegal, 1880-1935 by Cork University Press in 2015. In 2013 he was awarded a FIFA Havelange Research Scholarship to examine the migration of Irish footballers to Britain. This was published as Irish Soccer Migrants: a Social and Cultural History by Cork University Press in 2017. He is also co-editor of New Perspectives on Association Football in Irish History (Routledge, 2018).

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