Sport and Leisure History Seminar with Clare Tebbutt

Debates about sex differentiation in 1930s women’s sport, and their resonance today.

Monday June 14th 2021 at 6pm

It’s a real pleasure to be one of the convenors for the British Society of Sports History sponsored Sport & Leisure History seminar series at the Institute of Historical Research. And this term we have a diverse range of speakers and subjects to pique the interest of the historically inclined.

Athlete Zdenek Koubek in 1936

This week we have Clare Tebbutt of Trinity College Dublin talking about transgender athletes in the 1930s. Join us for a stimulating Zoom event which you can register for FREE via this link. Clare’s abstract is below:-

The ‘man-woman athlete’ was frequently evoked in the 1930s British popular press. These were, for the most part, athletes who had competed in women’s sport, but later realised themselves to be men, such as Mark Weston and Zdenek Koubek. Given the current furore about the limits of sex segregation in professional sport, it is illuminating to look back to the debates that were occurring at the point when women’s sport was gaining a professional footing and how, then as now, appeals to science were used to explain the application of cultural and social standards to cast doubt upon athletes’ bodies.

Future speakers are as follows:-

28th June 2021 Sam Brady (Glasgow University)

Sporting Wheelchairs: A technological and political history

This is only the one of a number of series of stimulating talks to be held at the IHR across a range of disciplines. For up to date details of seminars forthcoming in 2021 go to the IHR’s website.

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