Resto 2 Spice Merchants, Southsea

If you want to celebrate ‘Freedom Day’ there’s probably nowhere better to be than Pompey. The islanders are a liberty loving people and any Covid related caution was greeted with a sceptical eye bordering on ridicule. You can walk through centuries of history and centuries of architecture in a journey from The George (one of…

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Resto 2 JUMAK39, Panton Street

Finally somewhere new to review and it’s a good one. Panton Street, blessed with Asian food, is where you’ll also find the Japan Centre, Kanada-Ya and Yori. But we sought novelty so we gave JUMAK39 (yes, it’s all in capitals) a go. At the door we were asked if we wanted buffet or casual. Casual…

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Sport and Leisure History Seminar with Clare Tebbutt

The ‘man-woman athlete’ was frequently evoked in the 1930s British popular press. These were, for the most part, athletes who had competed in women’s sport, but later realised themselves to be men, such as Mark Weston and Zdenek Koubek. Given the current furore about the limits of sex segregation in professional sport, it is illuminating to look back to the debates that were occurring at the point when women’s sport was gaining a professional footing and how, then as now, appeals to science were used to explain the application of cultural and social standards to cast doubt upon athletes' bodies.

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Sport and Leisure History Seminar with Geoff Swallow

At our next Sport & Leisure History seminar we have Geoff Swallow of Manchester Metropolitan Univeristy talking about a fascinating contest between the English swimmers John Arthur Jarivs and Jseph 'Joey' Nuttal in 1901. Geoff's paper puts their contest into the context of the growth of national and international competition in the pool and looks at their rivalry from a unique angle. Join us for a stimulating Zoom event.

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Sport in History Podcast 53 – Prof Dil Porter and the Corinthians

And we're back! After a break following the British Society of Sports History's virtual Conference the Sport in History podcast returns with an interview with Professor Dilwyn Porter of De Montfort University, who talks about his latest book, English Gentlemen and World Soccer: Corinthians, Amateurism and the Global Game which he has co-authored with Dr Chris Bolsmann.

He talks about the Corinthians, an amateur club whose reputation has been inflated over the years to epitomise the spirit of amateurism that informed the thinking of the English middle class sporting élite in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. We chat about the extent to which the club's reputation has been manipulated by club historians and also the way in which the Corinthians' overseas tours fitted into a developing sporting globalisation in the Edwardian era and beyond.

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