Month: March 2020

Retro Restos

The Big C having (temporarily?) terminated restaurant going as a social activity I'll be lucky to get beyond number six this side of autumn. And unlikely to have the funds to dine out in style the other. So what is a restaurant reviewer to do?

Take a Proustian turn of course. The great man lay in his cork-lined room and let his mind do the travelling through time and space. And I intend to follow his lead. Though not in every detail you'll be glad to know, I have neither the skill nor the inclination to imitate Proust's description of the Duchesse de Guermantes' dinner over 150 pages.

Journey with me through restaurants remembered, people remembered, places remembered.

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Sport in History Podcast 34 – Dr Johanna Mellis

The history of sport and Hungary in this week's podcast brought to you by the British Society of Sport Historyin association with the Institute of Historical Research with Dr. Johanna Mellis of Ursinus College in the United States. Conor talks to Johanna about her work on the relationship between sport and politics in Hungary during the Cold War and how defectors were viewed by those who remained loyal to the Communist régime. Johanna also talks about the challenges of conduction oral history in a second language and her teaching of sport history at a college where approaching 40% of the students are athletes.

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