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Tomasz Lis

A short post on Thomas Lis' outstanding performance of #Chopin at Westminster Cathedral Hall. One of the best performances I've seen so far this year. This in contrast to Matt Helders' woeful turn at King Tut's.

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The Foundling Museum

The Foundling Museum, in Brunswick Square, is one of those small London museums that is easy to miss. They’ve had some publicity recently due to their new exhibition, The Fallen Woman, which discusses the issues of extra-marital sex and prostitution in the nineteenth century and the responses from social reformers and artists. I can wholeheartedly recommend the…

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On biography

Is it possible to write in August? When England make the most dramatic turnaround I’ve ever seen in an Ashes series? When the football season starts almost before it seemed to stop? When there is so much thing to do in London that you can’t walk across the street without stumbling into another festival? Well, sometimes…

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