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Resto 17 Théâtre de Poche, Montparnasse

We took the salad of the day and a big planche of cheese with a couple of glasses of Chablis on the side. The salad turned out mostly to be pesto-stirred pasta with a few bits of veg secreted within. Palatable but not exactly what we were looking for. The cheese on the other hand was five varieties of the runny shiznit with a generous helping of rustic bread alongside - definitely a better option. The wine was too warm.

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Resto 19 Sathees, Paris

The Marché St Germain. It has an Apple store, a Marks and Spencer and an arcade. But it's not Covent Garden. Oh no, there's none of your stick riding Yodas here. Or tedious shouters with flamesticks shoved facewards, gurning for a jaded mob of tourist cretins. This is left-bank Paris and they're too civilised for that crap.

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