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Resto 13, L’Osteria, Frankfurt

Our final day in Frankfurt and we were looking for somewhere near the station. But not too near, since on arriving two days previously we'd seen a feller have his head caved in with a beer bottle before receiving a floor-based kicking from two fellow drunks/drug addicts. I don't need to go on holiday to see that, I get plenty at Manor House already.

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Resto 12 Abacco’s Steakhouse, Frankfurt

To round things off perfectly the schnapps and gin arrived with the bill, as requested, but no tonic. Could we have the tonic please. The tonic? Yes, the tonic for the gin and tonic. Tonic?! Ready to settle the bill our server insisted on taking it back and adding the tonic to an already fairly substantial sum. On a less relaxed afternoon it might have felt like an insult but on this occasion we just coughed up and left.

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