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Sport in History podcast #16 – Dr Chris Stride

The history of replica football kits in this week's podcast brought to you by the British Society of Sport History in association with the Institute of Historical Research. Geoff talks to Dr Chris Stride of the University of Sheffield about the history of the replica kit from its inception in the 70s as a child's plaything to the 90s replica boom when all of a sudden even your Dad thought it was ok to wear a football shirt to the ground.

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Resto 69 Le Moissonnier, Köln

This was an excellent experience but not one that my credit card could handle too many times in a season. However, to have come into a womb of sophisticated Frenchness after having spent an evening watching the most turgid Europa League match since the last one in a noisy brauhaus was a most welcome thing. And this on the back of an excellent morning in Cologne's fine art museum where they had an extraordinary exhibition of Tintoretto. After that it was back to sausageland, the latex girls, Kölsch and a man with a very annoying drill in a terrible hotel bar.

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Affordable Art Fair

I haven’t got round to my full Estorick post yet, in fact I’d like to go back before I tackle it, so in the meantime my art focus falls on the Affordable Art Fair in Battersea Park. This is my third art bunfight of the year after the RA’s Summer Exhibition and the Venice Biennale…

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