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Resto 13 The Parcel Yard, Leicester

February 21, 2017

Chatting to a friend at the weekend he told me that I appeared to have had far too much good food this year. On the face of the reviews thus far he’s right but what he didn’t know was that I had a rotten experience up my sleeve just waiting for publication.


The Parcel Yard, from the drinking point of view, is an old friend. For a station pub the beer is good and reasonably cheap, with decent loos and cheerful staff. So I didn’t think there could be anything wrong with getting a quick bite before getting back to London last week.

Oh well, things don’t always work out how you want. I got there at seven and my train was at eight. Ample time I thought for a burger to be delivered and demolished even for a clock-fretter like me. I ordered and went to find a table. Argh, all that was left was high stools! Well, that’s not their fault and mebbe it’s just a quirk of mine that I hate high altitude seating so I put up with it and waited for the burger.



Looked around the room … was there a charabanc party in the far room? It appeared not. Had they run out of cow? If so nobody thought to let me know. I told myself that if it got to 7.30 I’d go and ask for my money back. As if the chef could read my mind the burger arrived at 7.29. I asked why the delay … busy in the kitchen. I raised a sardonic eyebrow but my rumbling stomach told me not to pursue the matter any further.

But what’s this?! Looking down I see a collection of nonsense straight outta Shoreditch. One child sized burger and an aluminium buckette of chips with some (admittedly v good) coleslaw on the side. But the size of the food wasn’t the chief source of my consternation.

The eats were assembled on the kind of wooden crate in which job lots of satsumas are retailed by the Turkish grocers of Green Lanes. Rough board base (with a greaseproof paper on top), four substantial sides and four lumps of further wood sticking up at each corner. I believe there are whole websites dedicated to the ludicrous means (planks, slates, dog-bowls) various knobheads have chosen to deliver their product to the poor consumer. This is my own contribution.

If I were the Labour candidate for Stoke I would make it my no. 1 campaign pledge that all food should be delivered ON A PLATE. I would win by a landslide.

The burger was dry.

3/10 (for the beer and coleslaw)

p.s. I did make the train but at the price of indigestion.

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Annie’s Burger Shack – First restaurant of 2017

January 5, 2017

Well, I’m kind of hooked on the reviewing thing now so this aspect of the blog will carry on into 2017. However, it would be daft to deny myself the opportunity of going to restaurants I enjoyed in 2016 so I shall revisit them as I will and only mention them if they have improved/declined noticeably in the intervening time.

I will try and keep the same spirit of novelty though and try to visit as many unfamiliar places as possible, starting with Annie’s Burger Shack in Nottingham. We were in town for the Miners’ Strike derby – that’s Notts Forest v Barnsley.* The match was a corker with a last gasp winner for the Tykes and plenty of baiting of the Nottingham folk for their dubious political allegiance during the 1980s. Being an Essex born Ipswich fan I didn’t have much skin in the game but was happy to enjoy the spectacle (ever the flâneur).



We laid in some stodge at Annie’s, a cavernous room in the centre of town that was selected by one of the beer aficionados amongst our group. He chose well. They’ve got a range of real ales on tap as well as a fistful of good lagers. The food majors on burgers (no shit Sherlock) but one of us went off piste with a hotdog. I took the Lemmy, which was a good hunk of meat with a mountainous (and I mean mountainous, I’m not exaggerating) helping of jalapeños. It was delicious. Skinny fries on the side were good too.

Service was brisk and friendly and the fact that a large room (with even more space in the basement, where they have big screens and music) was pretty much full for lunch shows that it’s popular with the locals. I’m guessing 12 quid odd for a burger around here is at the high end of the market around these parts but for someone from London it was fine.

There was some grumbling about the packets of ketchups etc but as the waitress pointed out we could have added on a fresh sauce for 75p. I had no complaints, this was the perfect way to kick off 2017 in the company of friends new and old.


#Food #Nottingham

*County also have the same grudgery from BFC.

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Review #59 Byron, New Change

June 30, 2016

To Byron for a post-parents’ evening debrief en famille. To those who are unfamiliar with its concept Byron is to the gourmet burger boom of the noughties what Pizza Express is to its market – food, décor and service of sufficient quality to feel like you’ve been out for a meal without being too expensive to dissuade the average muncher from using it as a regular standby.

Like PExpress their restaurants (in London at least) are often to be found in either regenerative developments or landmark buildings. The one at St. Paul’s is in New Change, Jean Nouvel’s crouching beige behemoth that just about manages to unobtrude in a historically sensitive location.

We were lucky to secure the last booth for four and snaffled some olives while waiting for the main event. The menu (of course) is mostly burgers but they have a good variety and a pretty regular turnover of specials in case you’ve been through the card. I took a B-Rex which delivered a juicy  burger, melting cheese and properly hot jalapeños. We shared good crunchy fries and fried zucchini while the skin on chips were a bit floury for my liking.

Beer, let’s think about beer. For a can of Byron lager I could get six Zywieces in the Turkish Food Centre. Obviously the TFC has slightly lower overheads than a restaurant in the heart of the City but still, £5.95 for a can of beer is Courchevel prices.

The service was super-friendly and the food excellent so we left happy. Happier than if we’d gone to GBK but not quite as happy as if we’d Honest Burgered (assuming they’ve fixed the bogs by now – Byron’s are world class btw). But that’ll have to wait till next year.


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Review #36 Honest Burger, Old Street

April 17, 2016

A boozy day for a friend’s birthday bookended by visits to two restaurants. Ballast for the afternoon was taken at Honest Burger, in a new development just off Old Street roundabout. Hipsterful at lunchtime we timed our entry perfectly, getting the last two seats in the window. The view of dismal rain-sodden brickwork was not the most picturesque in London but I’m sure on a sunny day it wouldn’t be a bad place to take a pavement table.

The greeting was friendly and service swift. Unobtrusive indie choons floated through the speakers and the room had a convivial feel. We both went for specials – South American inspired burgers with chorizo slices and a herby relish. The burger was cooked to perfection, pink in the middle and really flavoursome – as good as any I’ve had in London. With an Icelandic beer and a good helping of chips I was a very contented customer.

Until I went to the loo that is! This was an angry, lidless, seatless spitting beast that deposited half the flush over my shoes. Semi-comic but only because I didn’t need to make extensive use of the facilities.

8/10 (would have been 9 if I’d held on till the next stop)

To see which other restaurants I’ve visited in 2016 check out my GoogleMap

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