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Resto 56 Estorick Café, Highbury

October 10, 2017

I nearly forgot my visit to the Estorick (more of which in another post) as it was a bit of a pit stop but since they brought me the bill I should add it for completism’s sake. And also because the service and food is always excellent.

On this occasion I just stopped by after the exhibition (Arte Povera, recommended) for a quick coffee. So I got an espresso and then was tempted into having a custard tart by the very cheerful waiter. It was too cold to sit outside but now that they have a conservatory style fitting it feels like you’re in the garden anyway. Even if you’re not visiting the collection it’s worth having a pop in to do the crossword or chat with a friend.

Though why you wouldn’t want to look at the art as well I don’t know. It’s one of my favourite places in London.


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Review #46 Standard Tandoori, Holloway Road

May 17, 2016

To the Standard Tandoori to catch up with old friends and celebrate the inDoctrination of another. I’ve been a regular at the STandoori for getting on for twenty years and so it obviously has its appealing points. Chief among them is the consistency of the service. Like a high quality string quartet new members are introduced over the years but never disrupt the equilibrium of the group. They are a credit to their profession.

The food, the decor, the booze is Standard. By which I mean excellent. When I have a hankering for the traditional British-Asian comfort food of my youth the ST does the trick. An unwavering order of poppadom, onion bhaji, jalfrezi, naan and bindhi bhaji trips off the tongue (if not the keyboard) to be accompanied by ‘Kingfisher, Sir?’ and conversation with chums from teams I have known, whether of the football or quiz variety.

Social networks really don’t replace social gathering.


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