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Resto 62 La Terrasse des Archives, Paris

November 8, 2017


The final meal of a quick short stay in Paris is usually a relaxed lunch before getting the train. This wasn’t exactly what we got in La Terrasse des Archives. It sits beside a Nairn noticed fountain in a prime location in the Marais and so looked exactly what we were looking for. We squeezed into a corner table as the lunchtime crowd of loafers and locals started to swell.

The menu, not too long, is standard bistrot food with a few specials marked up on the board. My starter of pea gazpacho (I was still slightly stodged out from Strada) was refreshing and hit the spot. We splashed out on a Chablis, which was kept nicely chilled in an ice bucket.

Then the Labrador arrived. Not sure if he belonged to the restaurant but he certainly acted like he owned it. He was active yet not intrusive, occasionally popping out to the terrasse to see what was going on out there and other times just roaming around in an amiably woofish way.

My main of seared tuna confirmed that I was on a supermodel lunch as it arrived with a lot of courgettes but no spuds. So I nicked some of James’s (very good) chips, of which he had plenty. The chablis was slipping down pretty well but the waiter seemed to be in a hurry for us to get on with things. My plate was whipped away before James had finished his main and we were pressed for a decision on coffee or dessert.

Our attention was distracted by the appearance of a large ginger cat beside our table who stared enigmatically through the door. It seemed that La Terrasse had a fairly well-established menagerie. All power to their elbow I say but I reckon this would disturb some people.

Two coffees arrived in an instant and our wine was removed before we could protest that there was at least a glass left in the bottle. In a less benevolent mood I would have kicked up a stink but as it was I laid the money on the table and we left. The coffee was good, as was the food and the beasts, but I wouldn’t go back.


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Beginning the blog

April 7, 2015

Cheekily I’ve borrowed the title of this blog from a book I admire very much, Nairn’s London, which was reprinted in 2014 by Penguin.* Had he been around now my guess is that Nairn would not have been especially impressed with much of the built environment of London as it has developed over the last few years.

I think he would, however, have been mightily impressed by the range of communication by which writers, readers, viewers and listeners can communicate with one another nowadays. Nairn seems to me to have been a natural blogger before the form was invented – a master of the short form, of the neglected corner, of the new way of looking at something entirely familiar. In short he is someone whose writing you just want to share and say, ‘Look, here’s someone who cares.’

Thus an exemplar to all people who want to write in that he wrote with the reader in mind. Thoughtful, spicy opinions that, whether you agreed with him or not, are essential reading on London and the world in which he lived.

So yes, this rag bag commentary on my guiding, academic and social lives is a faint testimony to Nairn’s ability to inspire topophilia. I hope to share places and experiences, triumphs and disasters, the joy and boredom of city life.

I took a first dabble at this kind of thing with my ‘Restaurants of 2013’ Google Map in which I kept a diary of all the places in which I paid to eat that year as a means of giving myself light relief in between writing up my thesis. I had intended to pick it up again this year but decided it might be fun to envelope it in a broader project of talking about the cultural events and places, and to include thoughts on my academic work (such as it is).

So if you haven’t read Nairn’s London I suggest you do so. And in this time of election fever start with the entry on Guy’s Hospital Chapel.

  • I have since altered the name of the blog! It was too presumptuous.

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