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Sport in History #4 – Raf Nicholson

The fourth Sport in History Podcast brought to you by the British Society of Sport History in association with the Institute of Historical Research is in a new format! Over the summer break I'll be interviewing a variety of researchers in sports history before bringing you a series of podcast specials from the BSSH's conference in September.
The first interview is with podcast regular Dr Raf Nicholson of Bournemouth University. Raf talks to me about her work as a journalist covering women's cricket and how this fits in with her academic work researching the history of the women's game in the UK. Raf talks about the relationship between the development of the women's game and its relationship with the feminist movement, as well as discussing how she uses oral history in her work. We also discussed the implications of the D'Oliveira Affair for women's international cricket. Listen out too for some trash talking of the 1990s men's cricket team!

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Cricket and Society in South Africa, 1910–1971

Thanks to the encouragement and energy of the editorial team of Bruce Murray, Richard Parry and Jonty Winch Cricket and Society in South Africa, 1910-1971 is now in print as part of Palgrave's series of studies in sport and politics. The largest guffaw of the BSSH's* recent conference came when one of the delegates said that sport and politics shouldn't mix. Our book is a c. 70,000 word refutation of that statement.

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