Resto 14 The Darlington Road Diner, Ferryhill

Back to the (second) homeland for a night out with friends I could have chosen a better night than a Monday in January to check out the food scene in Ferryhill. Romana’s was shut for renovation, while the other Italian restaurant was just shut shut. And I was informed by the hotel manager that The Olive Tree (formerly known as The Post Boy) was ‘fine if you want to spend £9.50 on a fancy fish finger’. As it was, the friends I was catching up with were only interested in a traditional local supper – beer followed by takeaway pizza.

So the following morning I was ravenous and wanting pre-train bait. Koffee and Kambucha had already been commented on (with incredulity!) the previous evening but K&K being takeaway only (it was -2) that wasn’t an option.

So it was to The DRD, next to our family’s former shop, that I repaired for coffee and bacon roll. The bacon roll was good – crispy bacon, fluffy white bun and as much brown sauce as I wanted. The coffee, frankly, was filth. But it was warm filth and so did a job.

Service was cheerful but I could really have done without some London commercial radio station pumping out 80s hits (and I’m not talking The Smiths) at that just too loud level.

It was only when I was in the the taxi that I realised that during 24hrs back home I hadn’t eaten one vegetable or piece of fruit. Even more than the scary right wing politics that seemed the most Ferryhill thing of the visit.


To see where else I’ve been click on the google map below.


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