Resto 22 Oak N4, Finsbury Park

Fresh out of a four hour long meeting of The Cricket Society I was definitely in the mood for some existential Norwegian unromcom. Fortunately The Worst Person in the World was showing at the Finsbury Park Picturehouse so we went there. Beforehand though we booked a table at Oak N4 across the way with the idea in mind that it might not be easy to get a table at peak dining on a Friday night.

It was my first trip to the Picturehouse and it made a good impression. Friendly staff (including a discussion of The Batman) and a proper big screen mean that I won’t need to be going to Bloomsbury any more for my foreign films any more.TWPitW was amazing – equally as good as Oslo, August 31st and just as bleak in a different way. Despite what Deborah Ross said it is also very funny. You come to feel that you know the characters very well over the two hours and when bad things happen to one of them it’s heart-breaking.

So I definitely needed a glass of wine after that! And thank God we’d booked – we arrived exactly at 8 o’clock and the people on our table were shifted off to an outdoor table on one of the coldest days of the year. They do planches at Oak so we took a mixed one plus a glass of Chenin Blanc up front. The Chenin didn’t last long so we got a bottle of Austrian red which was light and delicious.* High quality meats, cheese and trucklements made for two very contented diners while we discussed the film.

It was super busy but the service was impeccable. I really can’t recommend this place enough.


*It also has an interesting back story to do with a Nazi-affiliated vinologist.

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