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Resto 63 Shah Tandoori, Euston

November 12, 2017

To the Shah Tandoori for an end of season cricket dinner. Drummond Street is the go to place for me for curries so I’m surprised that i haven’t mentioned Shah before – especially as we came here last year! It could be that in the excitement of lager-fuelled cricket bants the memory of the occasion slipped my mind.

This year’s do wasn’t as bacchanalian, which meant that I could appreciate the food more. In this veggie-dominated strip it turns out that Shah is much superior on the food front to its meaty rival across the road, Taste of India.

You can take Kingfisher or Cobra on the beer front. Our order of five poppadoms was generously doubled by the management, which was handy as I was starving. I went off my usual order with a Sheek Kebab up front, followed by a king prawn rezella. The Kebab was excellent, spicy and juicy, while the rezella gave me the heat that I needed and a good helping of prawns. A perfectly prepped chapati was on hand to soak up the juice and everything v good in the stomach department. I’ll be back next year, hopefully after contributing more than this year’s couple of dozen runs with the bat.


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Review #12 Ravi Shankar, Drummond Street

February 11, 2016

Drummond Street, an unprepossessing stretch of Euston that nevertheless possesses the cream of South Indian restaurants. A place to go to keep vegan friends happy. The jewel amongst them is Ravi Shankar, although a close second is Chutney’s across the road. My preferred option is to do the all you can eat buffet at lunch time (less than a tenner with a lassi on the side) but with veggies in the group we did an after-work Friday visit. Good call.

For starter I took a benchmark testing onion bhaji – good crunchy onion and a generous side salad. Followed by a baroquely turned dhosa with chana masala (and a cobra (too sweet for my taste really)) on the side conversation flowed and everybody happily munching away, even the most carnivorous amongst us.

The room is functional, with elbow to elbow seating, and the service can be on the abrupt side but this is forgivable given the quality and price of the food.


To see which other restaurants I’ve visited in 2016 check out my GoogleMap

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