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Resto 11 Nazuki Garden, Warren Street

I now found that darts makes me hungry so we headed northwards in search of curry. But it being Monday a lot of places were shut (I'm guessing some of them were also just shut full stop) so by the time we were nearly at Warren Street James pointed out that the best restaurant when you were hungry was the one you were eating food in.++++ Wise advice and we chose to eat at Nazuki Garden based on its being the restaurant we could see when we had that discussion.

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Restaurant 3 Le Frank, Paris

Don't go by the reviews on G**gle but do bear this in mind if you want to dine at Le Frank: They've got a cornered market. The nearest place to eat well (other than the jardin d'acclimatation next door) is 20-25 minutes away on the hoof, or a bus/taxi ride.This means you'll pay more than you want for less of what you want. That aside the food and service were excellent and the room very pleasant. It's up to you whether you want to hang on till later or just take the pain in the pocket and have a nice light lunch.

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