Review #44 Brindisa, London Bridge

We were in the London Bridge conundrum again – where to get a sit down meal before 5 o’clock when most places are either shut or if they’re open are just chain outlets. Brindisa seemed a good idea. The waiter told us that they could only offer cold tapas but after glancing at the menu we decided to stay.

It was one of the first hot days of the year and the room was nice and cool while open windows gave a sense of being part of the hustle and bustle of Borough High Street. We ordered a plate of meat, tortilla, olives, sardines, peppers and a jug of beer. Scepticism was cast on my egg aversion and we had a discussion about whether tortilla tastes eggy or not. I firmly believe it doesn’t when it’s good, and besides this one tasted mostly of smoky chorizo. The sardines were filleted and arrived on their own little chicory boats and a bit of salad. A good slather of meats were accompanied by tasty bread and olive oil, while the olives themselves were stuffed with orange. All of it showed attention to detail and a good balance of flavour.

The jug of lager slaked the thirst nicely and then, what’s this on the jukebox?! Hotel California! But not the soft rock aquiline snoozathon of my childhood. No, this was delivered straight out of the Big L by the Kings of the Gypsies (I thought they were French?). A thing of wonder that doesn’t pall after the thousandth listen. Swift service ensured we could get the bus back north in time to watch Man City get stuffed by Real Madrid (fingers crossed).


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