Review #90 Bonnie Gull, Fitzrovia

Opposite Sergio’s (a very different beast), Bonnie Gull is a place I’ve been meaning to go to for quite sometime. Fitted out like a port side piece of sunshine even on a gloomy October day it felt warm when we got in. We got there pretty much the second it opened and so briefly, very briefly, had the place to ourselves. Soon however the place was buzzing with the animated yet discreet conversation of mid-level BBC types and their (at times celeb) chums.

Bread arrives while you’re perusing the menu and its a shortish but very tempting offer. We skipped sharing plates and I had a starter of smoked salmon with and horseradish. Generous smoky salmon and shards of olive oil fried bread was a very good combination while the horseradish could have been slightly more fierce to please my jaded palate. Then a main of mackerel. Not one but two fillets; perhaps they’d overheard me saying that mackerel is one of my favourite things and heaped on another one. Yum yum but I was looking enviously across the table. Definitely had chip envy.

It’s a tight room but the staff get around efficiently and lunchtime flashed by in a blend of good conversation and fishy deliciousness. With football in the evening I could have indulged in dessert guilt free but thought I’d save myself for when I return in the evening, which I will do as soon as I’m allowed. The bill was pretty reasonable and the cooking a cut above most restaurants I’ve been to in this part of London.



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