Resto 20 Exquisite, Finsbury Park

Let’s see what the Oxford English Dictionary has to say about the word ‘exquisite’ …

exquisite /eks-kwizˈit, also eksˈ/ 


  1. Of the most delicate and intricate workmanship
  2. Of the highest excellence
  3. Attracting the highest admiration
  4. Of delicate perception or close discrimination
  5. Not easily satisfied
  6. Fastidious
  7. Intense or extreme, as of pain or pleasure
  8. Delicious
  9. Far-fetched (Shakespeare)
  10. Abstruse (obsolete)


  1. A person who is obsessively or fashionablyexact or fastidious in dress
  2. A dandy
ORIGIN: L exquīsītus, from ex out, and quaerere to seek

Of all these definitions abstruse might be the most fitting, meaning something that is difficult to understand. For there are many things about Exquisite of Blackstock Road that are difficult to understand.

Let’s take the service – it’s difficult to understand how anyone could show any less interest in serving a meal than did our waiter, who seemed more keen on dragging on a tab outside the front door than interacting with his customers. I say customers but there were only us two on a Friday evening.

Which leads to the second thing that is difficult to understand. How can it take more than an hour to make a chicken burrito and a chicken fajita? And having shown such laboriousness about the process how could the food be so shit? This is difficult to understand.

And then we come to the final mystery. It’s difficult to understand how they make any money.



To see where else I’ve eaten go to the GoogleMap …

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