Resto 32 Castle Tea Rooms, York

In town to meet some of the finest minds in the world of Sports History I needed a lunch that would make me sharp not somnolent. The Castle Tea Rooms being next door to the venue it was an easy decision to eat there then stagger to the Quakers‘ (excellent) meeting room.*

Tea is a big thing in Yorkshire, which is why I had a (decent) filter coffee. Paul Heaton (a Yorkshireman) warned me when I was twelve not to be a sheep and I’ve tried to follow his advice ever since. Which is why I’m basically unemployable but at least have had a varied life experience.

On the eats side of things there’s sandwiches, toasties and cakes galore at the CTR. I opted for Parsnip soup, making this the most sober (and memorable) of Levett liquid lunches. (I blame working in the City as an impressionable youth). The soup had the sweet smack of parsnips. And the bread? Pitoyable, as they don’t say in Yorkshire, despite calling their local ale Le Champion.

My fellow diners spurned grub, hungering only for an afternoon of hardcore sport history administration on Quaker rations.


*Stagger to the Quakers; another of the book titles rejected by Eric Ambler.

To see where else I’ve dined (possibly round your way) go to the GoogleMap …


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