Resto 2 JUMAK39, Panton Street

Finally somewhere new to review and it’s a good one. Panton Street, blessed with Asian food, is where you’ll also find the Japan Centre, Kanada-Ya and Yori. But we sought novelty so we gave JUMAK39 (yes, it’s all in capitals) a go.

Panton St bustling again. Apart from poor old Enzo

At the door we were asked if we wanted buffet or casual. Casual is upstairs and gets you a pretty full menu of Korean treats plus sushi/sashimi. As I discovered when I went to the loo, the buffet is downstairs and even at 6 o’clock it was rocking so definitely worth a future visit.

The food was excellent – squid for me was devilish hot (in a good way) with spot-on rice to soak up the sauce. * Across the way the old boy had a hearty pork broth with meaty chunks on the bone that would have had Mrs Woof in canine paradise. On the side we took some excellent gyoza with possibly the best tempura veg I’ve ever had. Kirin (bottled) washed that down and all was well with the world.

The crowd (and it was a crowd by the time we left) is mostly young and Asian, which is a good sign, and the service excellent without being in your face. For thirty quid a head it’s a good option for when you (finally) get to have a night out at the theatre and want something quick and affordable.


* This was following a similarly fierce Bloody Mary in the EIC. An ice cold Kirin was just the job.

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