Resto 6 Selale, Green Lanes

Selale is just about as far as I can go to get a Turkish fix in Harringay but it does have the attraction of being virtually next door to two of my favourite places, the Snooker Club (happily reopened and same as it ever was) and the Salisbury. It’s got a little bit more flash about it than some places on Green Lanes (though many are catching up) but it’s prices are pleasantly modest despite the oodles of bling slugged around the décor (and clientèle for that matter).

There’s no surprises on the menu so being a biggish group we went for hot & cold mezze up front plus a main each. The mezze were excellent – all killer and no filler. My lamb shish was also good and, as is traditional round this way, impossible for someone of a human appetite to finish. So we collected our extras together to give to a very contented Mrs Woof.

Despite being fairly early on in the easing of indoor restrictions the room was buzzing with a good mixture of ages and origins (including our party). Service was faultless and the wine from Turkey very drinkable without being a wow experience. All in all as good as any similar establishment in the area while having a little more of a feel of a proper night out than some.


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