Resto 18 Sublime Pizzeria, Woodberry Down

After a fairly sociable week we decided to stay local for a Saturday evening out. Sublime pizzeria is in the new-ish build along the reservoirs in Woodberry Down and down the road from that excellent (though badly named) pub, The Naturalist.

These steel and glass box restaurants are difficult to make feel homely but the people at Sublime had done their best with rustic décor and an authentically wobbly chair. The food is standard pizza/pasta with burgers too. We did the calamari test (Greg says calamari is impossible to get wrong but there is an art to doing it well) and they passed, though the tartare was straight out of a jar.

The Napoli pizza was crispy with a good helping of anchovies but a bit on the small side for sharing between two. An off-menu green salad alongside that caused gruntlement across the table (such requests are always accompanied by the memory of being refused a green salad in La Fabrica) and a quaffable Verdicchio at £23 slipped down very nicely. However, a rare foray into the dessert menu was a mistake. The pistacchio ice cream didn’t have the advertised glutinous centre and reminded me of getting desserts in Indian restaurants back in the 90s.

I’d go back to Sublime if I was hungry and in the neighbourhood but for this money there’s better Italian action to be had by the half dozen around Stroud Green.


To see where else I’ve been click on the google map below.

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