Resto 30 Barav, Paris

Oh wow, back in Paris after three long years if only for one day. The main event was a visit to the wonderfully expanded Musée Carnavalet where we had tiny expensive sandwiches with large inexpensive wine. And looked at some seriously good shit.

A bit of shopping while strolling around and we were hungry again. And thirsty. Fortunately James had been recommended Le Barav and we arrived there pretty much as soon as it opened. Because if we’d got there ten minutes later we wouldn’t have been on the terasse enjoying the view in the last of summer’s sunshine but instead sweating our nuts off dedans.

Mrs Woof checks out the planche. Fortunately we didn’t have to quarantine her.

They do planche at Le B and we took cheese. This was a very high quality selection ranging from Comté through goat, an agèd Brie de Meaux to a blue cheese that wasn’t as fierce as it looked. There was unlimited bread on the go too which was very welcome as the tiny sandwich was starting to lose its impact. James admired the thinness of the slicing on the firm cheese while I was in Brie heaven.

On the wine front they don’t over-specify on the product – I had a white Loire, served very cold. James went for the mystery wine – guess the region, the appellation and the grape and you get a free bottle. Alas it was a none out of three so we had to cough up for the booze (and food) but I was glad to do that. Our waiter was charm personified and you could tell by the contented post-work buzz that this was a well-appreciated joint for the locals.

The kind of place feel loath to review because I want it just for me so …


To see where else I’ve been click on the google map below.

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