Resto 8 Umut 2000, Harringay

Is there any better feeling the world than winning the Salisbury Quiz jackpot? Spending the winnings on a gut-busting mixed grill at Umut 2000 certainly comes close to it and that’s what three quarters of the members of Perfidious Dice were doing this Monday night, with James absent at a wine tasting and Denize dealing with recalcitrant plumbing. But there was Matt, Jamie, Francesca, Rich and Greg aiming to try and dispose of close to a monkey’s worth of other people’s money on Turkish food.

Which is no easy thing to do at Umut 2000. Jamie assured us that a mixed grill for four would be more than adequate for six of us and at 95 quid for a mountain of tender meats plus plenty of sides and bread this proved just about right. (Rich and Greg may beg to differ.) A cold Efes took the edge off the chillis and we were a very happy table passing round the platters and trash talking our least favourite quiz runner.

The room soon filled up with hungry locals and we took tea/coffee and baklava prior to crossing the road for a hoovering up of the pint cheques. At 25 quid a head including service (which was excellent) Umut is the best value I’ve had on Green Lanes recently and well worth considering for a future post-snooker scoffage.


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