Resto 7 Nep Nep, Lisson Grove

Another weekend another random suburb of London, this time post-Butoh (me neither) in Lisson Grove. Aperitifs were taken in the excellent Trader Inn, where a horse drawing contest was being fiercely contested by the hard swearing locals (and that was just the kids).

A short stroll away was Nep Nep, a no frills Vietnamese which appeared to be doing a roaring trade via takeaway and had a smattering of souls scoffing within. There are few surprises to be had in a London Vietnamese (though a supermarket Picpoul at £33 a bottle was definitely one of them) and so we had summer rolls and squid up front. Except they weren’t because the mains came at the same time, meaning we were overbowled on the table.

The food was delicious – tangy fresh rolls, crispy squid and for me a hotter than expected chicken curry with a good lump of rice. The service was efficient until it came to paying the bill – if they’d been quicker we might have been tempted to have the fried ice cream. Maybe next time.

Another solid 7/10

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