Review #5 As U Like It, Petts Wood

On the way to do some filming (!) I found myself in a strange town. Petts Wood. Deepest London ‘burbs and somewhat reminiscent of the Southchurch Road of my Sarfend youth. A good thing.

So I could have gone to a local branch of McDo or got a sandwich from the supermarket. But instead I went to a caff. As U Like It – so old school it doesn’t even appear on GoogleMaps. Sitting at table I thought to myself, ‘What would Terry McCann order?’ Well, a fry up obviously but in the post-festivities régime that wasn’t an option. So I went for a ham sandwich with English mustard and a cup of tea.

The sandwich was on good bread with the salad on the side. Liked it. Tea in a big mug. What’s not to like? The art in the room not to my taste (I remember selling such stuff in Darlo market in the 90s) but inoffensive and the clientèle a good smattering of mums, grans and tots. The perfect refuge from a chilly January day when you’ve half an hour to kill.



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