Review #10 – Tito’s Peruvian Restaurant, London Bridge

Tito’s was a bit of a stab in the dark. Thinking to go somewhere in Borough Market we were turned away by both Roast and Arabica for being too early for dinner. We were too cold, hungry and tired to do the standing up thing (street food, yes?) and were about to go to All Bar One when we noticed Tito’s. Not an especially enticing prospect from the outside but neither of us had had Peruvian before (hard to believe in these cosmopolitan times I know, especially given the Ceviche Boom of 2013) so we rolled the dice.

Inside Tito’s is somewhat canteeny – big chunky tables, plenty of elbow room. The food too is on the rustic side. My starter of cod ceviche could have fed two easily – it was a shit load of cod (and red onion). The flavour was a bit robust for me – there was a nice citrussy sourness but the unmediated chilli was a bit overpowering. I couldn’t finish it, partly because of the volume, partly because of the raw heat. I was thankful for a Cusqueño to slosh around before the main event.

Main was king prawns in a spicy sauce with quinoa for stodge. This worked much better. While not being the most delicate plate of food it was tasty and a good volume of sauce meant the quinoa wasn’t too dry. Service was excellent but then again at 4.30 pm on a Wednesday afternoon we were the only people in there. Prices are reasonable and it’s the kind of place I could imagine going to when I was starving before going to the Charlton match. They really ought to spruce up the loo though – that’s a mark down.


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