Review #84 De Twee Grieken, Amsterdam

Having arrived in Amsterdam in the afternoon and with only train food in our bellies by the time we arrived at De Twee Grieken we were very hungry, not overly discriminating chaps.

We’d come to the right place. Just how Greek an outfit the DTG is I’m not sure – the chef was suspiciously tall for a Hellene. The food he churned out was okay though. A shared meze followed by a mixed grill went down well, although some grills were more mixed than others. Where were my chops!

We asked for a bottle of wine but the waitress assured us that the house red by the carafe was good. Which was a falsehood, it was a tricky customer from the fit for a plastic one litre bottle range.

But still, we could have gone to a fancier place but DTG was about what we needed after a day of refreshed merriment.


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