Review #96 MI+ME, St Pancras

Scouting out a walk for Belgian clients I arrived at St Pancras ravenous. Options in St P are becoming fairly limited towards the end of the year so I gave MI+ME a go. Given its name I was half expecting some Marcel Marceau action from the waiting staff. Alas, no. The name remains irritating without the mitigation of Baptiste on duty.*

A short café-style menu but a grand view of WH Barlow’s magnificently restored roof is worth the price of entry alone. Especially if you can sit with your back to Paul Day’s execrable Meeting Place.** So the ambiance is good. The service was also swift and friendly.

A tomato soup was rich and peppery with a generous hunk of break and butter. A Rioja on the side helped to keep the chill at bay. And while I was eating an unexpected tableau took place at the platform entrance to the Booking Office.The pleasure to be taken in observing a succession of people negotiating their way through an awkward door is not to be underestimated.


*That’s a little in-joke for the Carné fans.

**This man was also responsible for the Queen Mother Memorial in St James’s Park (which to be fair is the only public statue in Westminster that provides genuine, if unintentional, belly laughs) and the even worse Bomber Command piece next to Green Park. Frankly the man is an artistic menace with a mysteriously well-connected client list. When Anthony Gormley said of public art, ‘There’s a lot of crap out there’ I think he was speaking almost solely of Day’s output.

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