Review #97 Vapiano, Great Portland Street

Looking for a quick healthy lunch we made the mistake of stepping into Vapiano. Inches inside the door we were confronted with an unsmiling host.

‘Have you been to Vapiano before?’ she demanded in a tone reminiscent of a particularly hostile border guard. We replied that we hadn’t. At which we were informed at great speed (too speedy for me to pick up)  of the means of getting food. She then handed us a card. We stumbled, dazed by this charmless welcome, towards queueing customers.

The food looked okay, being cooked before your very eyes by a succession of pan-tossing geezers (all geezers). We waited patiently in a queue of three people. And waited. The queue did not advance. We transferred to another queue. Neither did it advance us towards food.

The decision to return the cards to our host and leave was met with rancorous indifference.

It mystifies me why anyone would ever go back.


London Restaurants

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Blue Badge guide to London and academic specialising in early twentieth century history. Blogging on history, academia, and food and culture in the capital (and occasionally elsewhere).

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