Review #104 Bistrot Blanc Bec, Paris

Well, we’d been in Paris for a whole weekend and had yet to go to a proper bistrot for a proper lump of cooked stuff. Across from Les Trois 8 and down the road from Les Félines le Blanc Bec was within staggering distance of two of my newest favourite bars so we did that.

Downstairs was full on a Saturday night (a good sign) so we got a table up top where the atmosphere was quieter but not too quiet. Fellow diners were mostly French and a good hum of conversation formed the background noise with a bit of discreet music. The food is solid French cooking and very, very good. First up was a delicious terrine which I polished off pretty quickly.

And then to the main event – three chunky bits of magret de canard in a deeply sweet sticky sauce and a good amount of carrot ‘n’ spuds. Rustic yet elegant and washed down with a bottle of red from the Jura. The duck was the best thing of the weekend, partly because I was so damned hungry but also because it was good of itself.

I wouldn’t have minded a dessert but it was a thumbs down from Giuseppe del Bosque so I got my dose of sweetness from a glass of rum in Les Pirates down the road.


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