Resto #5 Belga Queen, Ghent

We booked up the Belga Queen on the recommendation of our HoWest chums and they didn’t disappoint. The photograph doesn’t quite capture the apparently perilous degree to which the exterior of the building leans out from the perpendicular. This rickety mediaeval façade conceals a hi-tec interior that is all dramatic walkways and romantic lighting. We were directed to a window table with a view of the canal, smugly walking past less fortunate diners.

The restaurant sells itself on the use of local ingredients, many of them homegrown. For starter I went for a shrimp croquette – a nice crispy cone with squishy fishy goodness within. Main of turbot was a generous lump on a bed of greens and a rich sauce. The service was excellent, with our waiter having both the look and demeanour of Alex out of Hot Chip. The only disappointment was a rather bland ice cream for dessert served with the local jelly-babyish sweet.

The wine was Belgian and went down well enough, though to be honest having invested quite heavily in the local ale in the afternoon my palate wasn’t in the most refined state.

For a romantic evening this was a good find and the evening got even better once we’d found the Hot Club de Gent where they were playing some seriously good jazz.


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