Review #7 A La Mort Subite, Brussels

Like the Café Den Turk À La Mort Subite is the kind of historical location that could, if it chose, go down the route of celebrating its own celebrity by going easy on what made it good in the first place and turn itself into a Belgian theme park. And like the CDN it is to its great credit that it doesn’t.

My dining partner wasn’t so sure but a glance at the header photo to this post will show you why sudden death is still keeping it real. They have a homemade dog bowl and they’re prepared to use it.

Not only that, it avoids the linguistic divide in Brussels by addressing potential canine customers in a neutral language.

ALMS has a glorious interior that retro stylists would kill to steal. We were sat next to an aging picture of an aging jacques Brel (not every Flamand’s favourite Belgian I know but I remain a fan) with a view the length of the room. There was a good mixture of locals and tourists with the emphasis on the former. Service is formal but in a good way – I respected the waiter’s right to take his fag break before he brought us our bill in part because he looked like the late Gordon Kaye but mainly because he’s a pro and has his rights.

The food was hearty – a cheese omelette with the longest slice of bread I’ve ever seen for my fellow diner and a straightforward croque for me. Gueuze with that was very nice and did the trick before we strolled off to see Neil Hannon. Next time I’ll take my dog.


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