Resto 12 The Lion and Lobster, Brighton

In Brighton for a cousin’s birthday we were needing to lay in some bait before taking on Crazy Mouse.* She’d booked the Lion and Lobster and we trooped upstairs as a pack of Levetts to a room all to ourselves. A wise precaution given the occasionally combustible nature of such events in the past.

The building is a wonderful Regency warren of rooms – getting to the bogs (and back) being a challenge on a Thesean level. The room was perfect – panelled walls, pictures of Essex and a doorway to the decking for the fag addicts.

It was a Sunday so roast was the offer. I went for the bovine variety, two good slabs of topside with excellently cooked veg (and plenty of it), roasties, Yorkshire and gravy. It was sumptuous and made me very happy. To go with that a reasonably priced South African Shiraz. And dessert? Oof, well, I guess I’m only going to spend the next two hours on rides on the pier, what a splendid idea! It was a decent crême brûlée but a bit of a let down after the main event.

Happily, no tempers having been lost, we staggered off down the front for our rendez-vous with death.

Crazy Mouse. Fearsomely oxidised.

*I have no doubt as to the lunacy of said mouse, but the adjective that most came to mind while riding the rodent was rusty.

9/10 (I was tending to an 8 but my son insisted on 9)

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