Resto 30 Café Gandolfi, Glasgow

With a rather forbidding exterior (but then Glasgow is that kind of city) Café Gandolfi is surprisingly light and airy inside. A high raftered room and homely knick knacks and art around the room make for a warm atmosphere that is supported by friendly staff and the feeling that this is a place people return to time after time.

We kicked off with excellent gin and tonics while mulling over the grub. It’s big on local seasonal ingredients so I went for an asparagus and pea risotto which was absolutely delicious. A reasonably priced bottle of Muscadet helped that down after a few days worth of conference booze. An excellent culinary farewell to Glasgow where I failed to have a bad or even mediocre experience all the time I was stayed.

Though not reviewable within the rules special mention should also go to Gordon Street Coffee who provided me with breakfast rolls and coffee three mornings in a row. If only my home city’s mainline stations could boast such excellence in their coffee provision I’d be a much happier Londoner.

8/10 for both

#Food #Glasgow

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