Resto 24 Salt House Tapas, Liverpool

In Liverpool for the British Society of Sports History conference it was nice to be back in the middle of the city after two days in the lovely, but remote, surrounds of Liverpool Hope Uni.

Liverpool Hope University. Beautiful isolation.

Salt House was recommended by a friend who knows about these things and I went with a couple of delegates who had trains to catch. Could we give the table back by 7.30? We most definitely could.

The food is standard tapas so as a test I got a tortilla, and with that salmon, padrones, cheese, patatas bravas and across the way sausage. The tortilla was good, I liked the slightly squidgy centre despite not being an eggman (goo goo goo joo (well, it’s hard to resist)). The salmon was excellent; well cured salmon with a couple of tart things alongside. Everything else was standard though I could have done with a bit more cheese for my buck.

A white Rioja had enough beef to brighten up my conference pasted consciousness and we had a jolly enough time for £20 a head. Thanks Joe.


To see where else I’ve eaten go to the GoogleMap …

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