Restaurant 1 The Swan, Bankside

At Bankside for the Wanamaker production of Swive it was an improbable first time at the Swan for us for the first resto of 2020. We were nearly the first arrivals, save for a couple by the window. So it was a bit of a surprise to be seated at a table right next to said couple. The lack of improvisatory ability on the seating side of things in these kinds of places does get on my tits sometimes but I kept a lid on it in the interests of a tranquil evening. To be fair it was a very nice table with a view of the river and away from the groups that started to fill up the space as the evening wore on.

Food is modern British and I’d pre-ordered the set menu in the interests of getting to the show on time. Three courses for thirty odd quid is pretty good value and we decided to take the matching wines as recommended on the menu. A starter of parsnip soup was good – I liked the curry oil. Even better was the confit duck, which rode in on a slather of polenta and a rich gravy. Red cabbage on the side was delish. One lump of cheese (cut in two bits) was a bit of a disappointment as a finish, even if it did come with the world’s largest selection of crackers.

The service was attentive. And of a Disney Club level of enthusiasm.

And Swive? An excellent staging and some good performances couldn’t overcome a wonky script that couldn’t justify its misinterpretation of Tudor history by having anything insightful to say about either the 16th or the 21st centuries.


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