Resto 27 Indian YMCA, Fitzrovia

The Indian YMCA

It was the hottest day of the year, indeed ever in the UK, so where better to feel the ferocious heat than a corner of India in Fitzrovia. But it wasn’t by chance that we were at the IYMCA – we were there to organise an event for The Cricket Society with the distinguished historian Prof. Ramachandra Guha. As the (double) biographer of Mahatma Gandhi there seemed no location more suitable than the Mahatma Gandhi Hall. So it should be a high quality evening of Indian cricket and history in a historic room.

The MG Hall, scene of much history

The MGH is in the bowels of the earth, lunch is served on the ground floor, canteen style. There are three flavours of curry on offer (chicken/fish/vegetable) plus the usual sides and condiments. I went for fish curry with rice and roti and a channa masala alongside it. Wow, they don’t short change you on the rice! I regretted ordering the roti as soon as a heap of rice bigger than Mrs Woof’s head was ladled onto my plate. Never mind, there was plenty of tasty sauce in the fish curry to moisten it and I munched manfully through most of it.

The channa was really tasty, as was an ayran-style drink with a twist of spicing. At just over a tenner this was a gut-busting feast of flavour that powered through to the end of the evening’s Prom of RVW. Definitely one to which to go back to.


To see where else I’ve been click on the google map below.

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