Resto 6 East West Pizza, K Town

Mother’s Day and with the Old Boy working at his restaurant’s 5th birthday party we thought we’d go there to celebrate. As, it seemed, did most of Kentish Town. So after saying hello (or rather, bonjour) we scuttled off for other.

But not very far – East West is just across the road from Authentique and we were too hungry to wander. EW, as the name implies, does fusion pizzas with good sourdough bases topped with Desi (and the occasional trad) toppings.

Their approach was exemplified by their starters. We had a spinach and paneer arranchino alongside some lamb chops to share. The arranchino was a star – gooey cheese, spinachy flavour and a great crispy texture on the outside, all sitting in a tasty sauce. The chops were also yummy, properly marinaded (though nowhere near the rocket fuel flavour intensity of Maroof’s Mum’s) and cooked pink through the middle. Elegance abandoned I picked mine up and devoured it like Mrs Woof at a pavement kebab.

For main I had an Afterburner Pizza, which promised Naga sauce and plenty of heat. Alas, they’d left the afterburners off as while it was tasty enough the extra Kingfisher I’d laid in wasn’t really necessary. A similar story was told across the way, where the Bonkers! Pizza lacked the scotch bonnet ferocity that the menu boasted of.

The service was charm itself and the room just as functional as you’d want from a pit stop pizzeria. Prices showed that K Town has slid nearer to Primrose Hill than it used to be so we retired to the Park Tavern for post-food relaxation and proper north London prices.

A solid 7/10

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