Resto 13, L’Osteria, Frankfurt

Our final day in Frankfurt and we were looking for somewhere near the station. But not too near, since on arriving two days previously we’d seen a feller have his head caved in with a beer bottle before receiving a floor-based kicking from two fellow drunks/drug addicts. I don’t need to go on holiday to see that, I get plenty of it at Manor House already.

We’d planned to finally get some German food and got a cab to Baseler Eck, which looked the real deal. The ride was an event in itself, the driver employing a Schumacher-esque turn of speed to burn a succession of red lights, even when overtaking a police car that was crawling behind a pro-Russia demonstration (ah, those crazy Leninists). Alas, the BEck looked not just shut but terminated – Google had lied to us.

However, L’Osteria was a good fall back option as we’d already had a drink there on the Friday while watching a small woman (my friend Anna, director of Corbyn Island and star of A Door) take on a massive pizza.

The terrace at L’Osteria is a very pleasant Sunday spot to eat high quality pizza and watch the world go by. Washed down with a couple of Frankfurter Helles, the apfelwein hangover was soon a distant memory and I felt ready for an 8 hour journey home. And what a difference to the previous day! Despite some wrangles with the technology (again, it must be a German thing) our server managed to serve us our meal within an hour so that we could stroll rather than run to get the train to Brussels.


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