Review #23 Yak&Yeti, Stroud Green

A brief review as it being awards night (and a week after the event as I’m writing this) clarity is not strong in the reviewer today. But I have eaten at Y&Y many times before so it’s an easy review to write.

The Yak is at the glamorous end of the Indian spectrum so it’s the kind of place I could quite happily go to with my grandma (unlikely as such an outing may be) as well as my 5-a-side chums. This also means that the prices are slightly (only slightly) elevated above its surrounding Asian competition.

On a Friday night the room wasn’t bursting at the seams but was full enough. The food is good – all the standards plus a few outliers with the theme (I’m assuming, I’ve never actually enquired) being Nepalese as well as Indian food (a subtle difference I’m sure). Which means that you can choose Nepalese beer if you prefer to avoid the sugary Cobra (I did, it was yum).

Everything was served swiftly and with charm, I’d be happy to go back.


For the record the awards were won by Eric (Player of the Year) and Kev (Fair Play Award). Marshall – despite being nominated on both occasions – alas went home trophyless.

To see which other restaurants I’ve visited in 2016 check out my GoogleMap

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