Review #27 Pizza Express, British Museum

For me this Pizza Express is the original and the best. I’ve been coming here for over twenty years and in a normal year I would eat here about once every couple of months. Anyone who read my review of their branch in St. Paul’s in 2013 will know that I’m an admirer of their operation. So obviously I’ve made a massive tactical mistake in using it up so early in 2016, in a central London location (as PE is a dependable option when you’re alone in a strange town), and on a one-man mission to boot!

My bad.

Well, not really. I was ravenously aware of the  need to lay in some bait before the Fullback quiz and I had a pizza sized hole in my stomach. I used to bring my infant children to this branch after school and before I abandoned them to the Birkbeck nursery while I improved my mind. It brought genuine nostalgic warmth to my heart when I saw that the manager on duty on this evening was the same one who used to welcome us all in on cold Tuesday evenings all those years ago. Such continuity is rare in the West End.

The room itself is a bit echoey but it’s in a beautiful old building that has been carefully tended over the years. You get a mixture of regular locals like me and tourists like the big family at the round table in the centre of the room. It feels homely. The pizza, as ever, was just right and washed down with a slug of Chianti made me a very contented man.

I strolled off to contribute to a narrow win. A good day.


To see which other restaurants I’ve visited in 2016 check out my GoogleMap

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  1. Hi great post! I too am a fellow blogger, but in the very early stages! I am in Manchester, but do visit London, Leeds, Edinburgh…infact various other cities too! Currently, working my way through blogs to hopefully get started with linking in with other bloggers for support and gain more traffic and reach more people. Do have a peek at my blog, if you have the time. thank you Melanie 🙂

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  2. Hi it is Melanie here, Thank you! Can I apologise for my previous pickle! My first blog was a muddle, so deleted it and started a fresh. So glad I did, as it looks much better! I would appreciate your support and following as a fellow blogger and hopefully this time it will be much smoother! Thank you kindly and I look forward to your upcoming posts 🙂


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