Review #26 Kata, Green Lanes


Another snooker match, another pair of ravening beasts scouring Green Lanes for cheap eats. Kata, which is hosted by Brouhaha bar on Green Lanes (I think they have a branch in West Green too) offers standard Japanese food of the type that Wagamama has popularised the length and breadth of the U.K.

On an early Friday evening the bar was already starting to fill and we were lucky to grab a table in the front room. You pay for drinks at the bar but for food at your table which is a bit of pain if you’re all walked out from frame after frame of top snooker action.

The food was good. A beef teriyaki had a terrifically deep flavoured sauce and plenty of meat/veg (lots of crunchy broccoli, yum), although the beef wasn’t exactly melt in the mouth. But at about seven quid for a main that’s forgivable – I’d expected a cheaper cut. On the side some veggie gyoza were good sized crunchy bites.

With generous portions and cheery staff Kata is well worth the ten quid a head that we paid.


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