Review #28 Curry Leaf East, Moorgate

One of us had been to the Delacroix exhibiton (a must-see), the other had endured a 90 minute school presentation on university options. We were both famished and hungry for spice.

Thames-side near St. Paul’s we decided to walk north. Big mistake. Between St. Paul’s and Old Street there is no Indian to be found now that London Wall is going through wholesale redevelopment. Eventually we stumbled upon Curry Leaf East near Old Street roundabout.

The menu looked standard so we ducked inside and were greeted warmly. However, the only two person tables on offer were either in the middle of a row or tucked behind a pillar in a corner. We took the least worst option and went to the corner. It was an ideal location for those on the run from the law but otherwise the scraggy wallpaper and chipped plaster were rather unappealing.

The food however was very good. A mixed vegetable starter was piping hot (in both senses of the word) and went down a treat. The tarka dhal was excellent as was the chicken curry. And yet, and yet. At about 35 quid per head this was by far the most expensive Indian of the year thus far. If we’d struck out East we could have had better eats at half the price and taken our own choice of booze rather taking the usual Cobra-Kingfisher challenge.


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