Review #40 Ohba Leaf, Crouch End

In Crouch End for a friend’s 40th we thought it wise to lay in some ballast before the festivities began. Since the opening of the two cinemas on Tottenham Lane this end of Crouch End has been re-energised on the dining front with a myriad of (to me) new options from which to choose. A good thing.

Early Saturday evening and Ohba Leaf was already beginning to fill up, which was a good sign. As was the number of takeaways flying out the door, turnover always being desirable in the land of sushi. The menu is standard Japanese fare – sushi/sashimi/rolls ramen/teriyaki/curry. My point of comparison would be Shoryu Ramen and OLeaf easily matches their standard for food and service.

We went for a few dumplings and soft shell crab to kick off. The crab was beautifully light in a ginger sauce while the dumplings were satisfyingly sticky prawn gobbets. The main of spicy ramen wasn’t quite as spicy as I would have liked it but had a good helping of seafood and no egg. Which I guess for most people would be a problem but as I don’t like egg it was a blessing for me! A big bottle of Asahi to wash it down and I was set for a Kiwi knees up.


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