Review #53 O’Monaco, Marseille

Thanks to sleazyjet dumping us four hours late in a virtually shut Marseille-Provence airport I wasn’t in the sunniest mood after four hours sleep the following morning. Wading through the detritus of Magyar mayhem I was in search of a restorative coffee’n’croissant. O’Monaco did the job adequately.

A formule of €4,60 (actually over €5 if you’re sitting on the terrasse) gets you juice, coffee and pastry with a view of Marseille waste management (much changed since the days of Marcel Pagnol) and the staff of Monoprix girding their loins for a day of fending off football fans trying to buy strong alcohol.

The coffee was good, the croissant adequate, the juice out of a bottle. Service mostly interested in pleasing the locals.


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One Response to “Review #53 O’Monaco, Marseille”

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    […] in O’Monaco I went for the formule of juice, croissant and coffee. For a euro more I got a much better […]


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