Review #60 The Gilbert Scott, St Pancras

With a wedding anniversary to celebrate we were lured to the Gilbert Scott by the Hix-a-like table d’hôte menu of £29 for three courses. The GS has proved a reliable venue for celebrations in the past and didn’t disappoint on this occasion either.

The room had its critics when it first opened but I like it a lot – high ceilings, restrained artworks and plenty of room so that you can talk among yourselves without feeling crowded in. The service too is exceptionally good and in the past has extended to accommodating eccentric dress among its clientèle without a blink of an eye.

But how about the food? The restaurant specialises in seasonal British food and it does it well. Everything at our table was cooked and sauced to perfection though for those looking for a bargain you will have to stump up for a few sides – one extra helping of chips and broccoli (at £6 a pop mind you) was just about enough for two rather than four.

There’s a monster wine list with booze up to the squillions a bottle but value is to be had too if you look carefully. So in a head to head with Hix I’d say that they both offer a similar proposition – a £29 per head headline price that will double once you’ve added in an apéritif, vino and sides. But that’s ok because as a place to go for a treat the Gilbert Scott is hard to beat.


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