Review #62 Gelateria Paolin, Venice

Being hot, tired and hungrythirsty in Venice with an hour to kill before going to a Vivaldi concert (dial-a-cliché I know) we took a couple of seats out front of Gelateria Paolin with a good view not just of some historical Italian’s backside but also of Venetian life passing by. This is what holidays are for, the bits in between the stuff you’re supposed to do.

Under the shade of the Paolin’s awning we drank cold draught lager and watched tourists stroll by, kids play football, street sellers begin to pack away their wares. A couple of old dears sucked on ciggies and gossipped at the table across from us while pecking at cold bits of melon and speck. Buskers were at a safe enough distance not to ruin the mood.

Given the heat gelato would have been the logical option but I needed a salt top up from sweating around all day and we went for two pizzette – one a plain margerita, the other with spicy sausage. Both were on good, crispy bread and the perfect size for an evening snack. A fresh green salad arrived undressed but with balsamic, olive oil and pepper on the side so that we could do our own.

After demolishing another chilled one it was time to move on to the gig. If only they’d served beer there too I might have made it past the interval.


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