Review #101 Café Charbon, Paris

In Paris for a weekend of social frivolity we were staying in a new area for me between République and Père Lachaise. Hot off the train we were looking for a planche or two while we discussed what to do with the rest of the day. Les Babines being closed in the afternoon (don’t worry, we went back) we opted for Charbon on the basis of its shabby chic décor.

It was a good choice. Not only was the décor a perfectly aged classic bistrot interior, they also have a superior product on the food side of things. Although we just had a plate each of cheese and meat to share it was all very good. High quality thin, raw meat, plenty of cheese and a generous helping of salad. With a bottle of red this was an admirable start to the weekend.

The staff were very cheery and happy to listen to our crap French. On Sunday alas I had to break the rules. On the back of one hour’s sleep Saturday night we needed reliable sustenance for brunch, which we sought chez Charbon. They did the trick – a croque monsieur with a helping of strong coffee and half a Guiness helped to stave off my sleep-starved decline until it was time to head for Gare du Nord. The croque was a thing of glory as a saltycheesy restorative.


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